Nowadays, everybody likes to adore themselves with stones. Some belief in astrology and want to wear stones, whereas others think stones can change their fate and future. Many people like to wear various kinds of stones as they like to change their attire. Whatever the reasons are, there is always a specialty of having precious stones in your fingers. Let us look at the features and characteristics of the precious stones.


Who should wear a moonstone?


Moonstone is said to bring calmness and serenity to your mind. The distinctive blue mark gives a unique and striking look. It is the zodiac stone for cancer. Moonstone can change your future and is beneficial for artists, especially musicians, artists, writers, etc. It is best to bring change and be helpful for creative persons. There are lots of benefits to wearing moonstone. The stone enhances intuition, helps in promoting inspiration and business matters. Those who are suffering from digestive problems should wear moonstone because it cures all your digestive issues. It also helps in bringing freshness to your skins and heals livers and pancreas. 


What is the price of a moonstone?


Moonstone is a highly-priced gemstone. Many people can't afford it. The stone is an optical illusion that establishes a cloudy impression of blue and white light with a moon-like sheen. These are the feldspar gems that have fluctuating configurations and are found worldwide, with the best integrity mined from India and Sri Lanka. 


The price of the moonstone is $10 per carat. However, the cost can go up to $30 per carat depending upon the moonstone's quality. It is said that the moonstone works on the rate it. There are various types of moonstones available in the market. When you are purchasing it, you should be careful about its composition.


Benefits of wearing Labradorite?


Those who believe in astrology can wear Labradorite. Those who are suffering from mental turbulence can wear it. It is said that this gemstone brings peace and calmness to your life. 

Other than that, those who are suffering from the prolonged disease can use Labradorite to cure themselves. It increases your eyesight, metabolism, brain, etc. Moreover, it can help you to get a promotion in your office. If you are stuck in your problems, then this particular gemstone is there for you. It also promotes psychic abilities.

Labradorite banishes anxieties and insecurities and strengthens confidence in the soul and hope in the cosmos.


What is the price of Labradorite?


Labradorite stone is a beautiful bluish-colored gemstone. You will be surprised to know that this jaw-dropping stone is affordable. It is highly available; maybe it is one of the reasons for the low price. The dark-colored starts from $5, and it hardly extends up to $7. The cost differs in various places.


Why you should wear Opal and what is the approx cost?


Opal stone is a beautiful and precious stone. It is said that Opal has powerful federations with love and passion, desire, and craving. It can heighten excitement but may require to be strengthened with another, more grounding stone if the stoner is not centered. Moreover, Opal can help you understand your past knowledge and incorporate them into your present life to fulfill you rather than impede your growth. If we talk about our body, it can boost the eyes, kidneys, and adrenal glands.


The price of Opal varies from time to time. It starts at $3 and can go up to $10. It entirely depends upon the quality of the stone.



Change your future with precious stones.


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